A couple poses on the train platform at Denver's Union Station during their engagement photos

Iconic Engagement in Denver | Mesha & Joe

My dad is a talker. So naturally when he was in the hospital for minor spine surgery a couple months ago he told the nurses and doctors all about his family. Mesha, one of his nurses, happened to be engaged and reached out to me about her and Joe's wedding this fall....

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Alex lifts Ioanna on the dance loor during their colorful greek wedding in Denver at the Seawell Ballroom

Colorful Greek Wedding in Denver | Ioanna & Alex

When Ioanna reached out to me about her and Alex's wedding she mentioned that one of her close friends passed my name along to her. The thing was, I didn't actually photograph Vanna's wedding. After connecting with me, Wanna eventually decided to hire someone else but...

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2019 in Review | Behind the Scenes

Every single wedding presents its own set of challenges but we do our best to go above and beyond for each couple. It's definitely a requirement to create dynamic, lasting images of the unique moments of their day and since we're with them from start to finish we...

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Sierra reacts as Alex proposes in front of Union Station in Denver

Downtown Denver Proposal | Sierra & Alex

Alex got down on one knee outside of Union Station on Saturday night and proposed to Sierra on what is sure to be one of the best birthday weekends she'll ever have. Her reaction was raw, full of pure joy and excitement. There were tears from both of them as the...

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