Grand Hyatt wedding | Marika and Dean

It’s a great honor when a friend asks you to photograph their wedding. Marika has been reminding since we were in college together that she wanted me to document the day so when she and Dean planned their Grand Hyatt wedding, I was grateful that she thought of me.

I seem to have been adopted by the Greek Orthodox community because this wasn’t my first Greek wedding and I’m hopeful that it isn’t my last. I feel like family at every one that I do because they treat me that way. As a result, people let their guards down and I’m able to capture some great moments.

It has to be said that Marika is one of the most intelligent, hard working people that I know and one who always strives for success. It was evident during her father’s speech that night when he mentioned “that after even five years in her current position [in finance], I still don’t know exactly what she does.” I’m with you dad, it’s a mystery to all of us.

She’s one tough cookie, so it’s clear to me that Dean is the perfect fit. He stands out on his own but really shines with Marika by his side.

Travis flew in from Chicago to shoot with me and did a fantastic job as usual.

I can’t wait to share the rest of the images with them when they return from a well deserved two weeks in Europe. Hopefully they enjoy them as much we enjoyed capturing them.

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