LoDo Denver Engagement Photos | Danielle & Jordan

Danielle and Jordan are two incredible human beings and extremely busy people so I was glad that we were able to schedule their LoDo Denver engagement photos during the 24-hours that Jordan was in town to help Danielle move. Danielle is finishing her PsyD and Jordan is a medical resident in Chicago so they spend most of their time helping others. I spent a little extra time with them hitting some of their favorite locations downtown on Thursday evening. I’ve shot downtown Denver engagement photos before so I have a good sense of the area.

When Danielle suggested The Curtis Club for their first date almost two years ago September she did so because it was close to her place and provided easy access to escape if the date went up in flames. Luckily for both of them, it couldn’t have gone better. Since it meant so much to them we started there for a drink to get acquainted since Jordan and I hadn’t had the chance to meet. He’s been working the night shift in the emergency room and literally drove straight from the airport to meet Danielle and I so his Irish coffee was well earned.

Thankfully the weather held off and the sun briefly peeked out from behind the clouds so we made our way over to the Wynkoop Street bridge. We dodged cyclists and runners who were also taking advantage of the improving weather before heading back to my place so they could change into a third outfit. I wanted to make sure everything looked great for them so I was able to iron out the wrinkles in Jordan’s shirt while Danielle was in the bathroom getting changed.

They got engaged outside of Union Station (another favorite spot of mine) and since it’s only a block from my loft we headed over there for a couple of images as the light fell. My brother Jonathan stopped by to help hold a light and it was a big help so we could move quickly before it got dark. Then just as the blue hour was getting to its peak we drove to the Auraria Campus parking structure to capture the Denver city skyline with them.

It was a long evening but well worth it for two fantastic, hard working folks. Thanks for letting me capture your personalities together for your LoDo Denver Engagement Photos. I can’t wait for your wedding next May at Crooked Willow Farms.

Danielle and Jordan pose outside The Curtis Club during their engagement photos in downtown Denver Danielle and Jordan share a laugh over a drink at The Curtis Club in downtown Denver Danielle cuddles on the couch with Jordan while having a drink at The Curtis Club during their engagement session in Denver Danielle wears a red strapless blouse during her engagement session with Jordan in Denver The sun flares in past a smiling Danielle and Jordan during their engagement session in Denver Danielle and Jordan walk together in lower downtown Denver during their engagement photos Jordan and Danielle hold each other on the Wynkoop bridge in the LoDo neighborhood during their engagement session Danielle looks into Jordan's eyes in Denver Danielle and Jordan are silhouetted below the Wynkoop Street bridge in lower downtown Denver, Colorado Jordan and Danielle kiss on the Wynkoop bridge during their downtown Denver engagement session in the LoDo neighborhood in August Danielle and Jordan share a laugh while posing for their LoDo Denver engagement photos in August Danielle and Jordan pose in Denver Danielle and Jordan share a kiss on the platform outside Union Station during their LoDo Denver engagement photos Danielle and Jordan embrace each other on the platform at Union Station in Denver, Colorado for their LoDo Denver engagement photos Danielle and Jordan pose together with the Denver skyline in the background during their engagement photos near LoDo Danielle and Jordan share a kiss on the rooftop of the parking deck at Auraria Campus in downtown Denver



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