Why You Should Hire A Wedding Photojournalist For Your Wedding

Hiring a Wedding Photojournalist to photograph your wedding could be one of the best decisions that you could make during wedding planning and the information below will help you understand why.

The bride and groom react to seeing each other during their first look before their wedding at the Ravenswood Billboard Factory in Chicago by Wedding Photojournalist Justin Edmonds

What is a Wedding Photojournalist?

A wedding photojournalist is trained to document moments through years of experience working for newspapers, magazines or wire services at all types of events, under pressure and on a deadline. While some wedding photographers have seen the marketing benefit of labeling themselves as a photojournalist, a true photojournalist has years of experience to go along with a documentary style that is unmatched and invaluable on a wedding day. Bringing those experiences to your wedding means that they will be ready to capture your mind blowing reactions during a first look, a quiet moment with you and your parents before the ceremony, the groomsmen driving around in an ATV or your siblings’ never before seen spectacular dance moves.

Groomsmen ride in an ATV around a farm near Willow Harbor Vineyards in Three Oaks, Michigan in Spetember.

We focus on documenting your day through moment driven photographs to tell the entire story of the day. We want the images to tell those who weren’t able to attend the wedding what happened while also showing those who were present something that they didn’t already see. Why is this important, you ask, because you will undoubtedly cherish these moments long after your wedding day more than any staged photo.

Creating Rapport with Everyone Involved

Access is the most important aspect to creating great photos because years of experience, great light and the best gear are worth nothing if people don’t feel comfortable having you in the room. As a photojournalist, we have had to photograph complete strangers on possibly the worst day of their life and then walk up to them to get their name and other information to tell their story. It is a tough thing to do and often that skill is developed over years of experience on assignment. On a wedding day, creating that rapport is more than being friendly and making small talk.

A bride shares a laugh while getting into her dress before her wedding at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

We’re able to walk into the room on an exciting but stressful day and make people feel comfortable. Most people have not had someone follow them around with a camera all day documenting their every move so developing a relationship quickly with not only the couple but also the wedding party, family, friends, guests and other vendors helps everyone feel at ease and leads to great photos.

Problem Solving

Another excellent attribute that a wedding photojournalist will have is their ability to problem solve. Having worked in all types of conditions and environments means that a wedding photojournalist can generate beautifully composed, moment driven images no matter where they are. A common question that couples ask is if the photographer has photographed at their venue before because each venue has it’s own unique challenges. While having someone with experience at your venue could be helpful, a wedding photojournalist is capable of being successful in any environment because they’ve developed that skill over years of challenging assignments.

Maybe your venue is poorly lit and features beautiful timber ceilings. If that’s the case, bouncing a flash off the ceiling won’t work but we will know how to combat this challenge with the proper equipment and technique to create well lit photos of the ceremony or reception. What if your venue doesn’t allow the photographer anywhere near the altar for logistical or religious reasons? We have the gear to mount remote cameras where a person couldn’t stand or use long lenses in order to capture emotion up close even from far distances. If you are forced to move inside during the middle of the ceremony because of inclement weather we won’t panic because we know how to make quality photos in quickly changing environments.

A father walks his daughter down the aisle during her wedding at Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Ultimately, a better question to ask your photographer is how they would solve problems such as these. After all, you want someone who can create unique images for you on your wedding day no matter the environment, not just someone who can recreate images they have already shot for other couples. Your wedding is unique and the images should reflect that.

How Do You Know If You’re Hiring A True Wedding Photojournalist To Photograph Your Special Day?

Ask them about their current and past editorial clients as most still shoot news, sports, portraits or stories. Regularly working for editorial clients is much different than having work published. Anyone can be lucky enough to have a photo published but being given assignments from editors at local, national or international agencies means that the editors trust them to come back with compelling imagery for their publication on deadline. Top editors have their pick of the best photojournalists in the industry and if they trust your potential photographer then chances are you probably can too.

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The couple share a kiss surrounded by maple leaves in Boulder, Colorado The couple share a laugh while sisters of the bride give a toast at Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago. Megan raises her fake flowers in the air with Bryan by her side after they were pronounced husband and wife during their Rembrandt Yard wedding in Boulder, Colorado. Becky and Brian share a moment during their first look at Piney River Ranch in front of the Gore mountain range.


The bride laughs while struggling to place the ring on the groom's finger Allison comforts Walker as he tears up before their Lynn Britt Cabin wedding in Snowmass Village near Aspen, Colorado. Blake and Gina are announced to their guests as husband and wife at Willow Ridge Manor during their wedding reception The groom and his groomsmen help adjust each others bowtie while getting ready at a condo in the South Loop of Chicago as Willis Tower is seen in the background. Bride Devan walks out with her parents during her summer wedding ceremony at Garden of the Gods Club in Colorado Springs near the Rocky Mountains for


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